Project ECHO Archive 2021

Archives for Pediatric Mental Health teleECHO Clinics are below. Each clinic starts with a didactic, followed by case presentations. The didactic portion of each clinic is recorded and uploaded to the Billings Clinic Project ECHO VIMEO Channel. Recording the didactics allows those that were not able to attend or those that wish to review the topics access to the presentations. In addition to the recorded videos you will also find the PDF of each didactic presentation. Recordings do not include case presentations, this is to ensure patient’s protected health information and privacy is protected.

Pediatric Mental Health Pharmacotherapy Part 1

Recorded December 8, 2021
Dr. Russell Ollerton
This didactic includes discussion about Pediatric Pharmacology in relation to Anxiety and Depression, Diagnosis, PTSD, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), SSRI Mechanism of Action; SSRI Options, Side Effects, Rare Side Effects, Monitoring, Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs): SNRI Side Effects, What About the "old" Antidepressants, Prazosin, Prazosin Side Effects and Monitoring, Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar Treatment Options, Second-Generation Antipsychotics (SGA), SGA Side Effects
Part 2 of this presentation can be found Project ECHO Archive 2022

Training Your Community to Help With Youth Mental Health

Recorded November 10, 2021
Breanna Hall
This didactic includes discussion about Youth Mental Health Statistics, What's Wrong, Our Response, Mental Health First Aid, What Participants Learn, Mental Health First Aid Action Plan, Youth Curriculum Overview, Where Mental Health First Aid Can Help, Who we are Reaching, Testimonials

Positive Youth Development/Using a Strengths-Based Approach to Working with Youth

Recorded September 22, 2021
Kim Spurzem
This didactic includes discussion about Prep Work, Reimagining the Narrative, One-on-One: Common ADULT Behaviors, Youth Engagement, Team Meetings: Common ADULT Behaviors, Design-Implement-Monitor Youth Engagement, Youth Assessment: Common ADULT Behaviors, Tips for Leveraging Youth Voices, Youth Voice Video.

Autism spectrum Disorders: Comprehensive Treatment Planning and Collaboration with School/Therapy Teams

Recorded September 8, 2021
Nevada Reed, MD-Child Neurologist
This didactic includes discussion about Comprehensive Treatment Planning in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Impact of ASD at School, Working with IEP Teams, The IEP Cycle, How can Medical Providers Help, Free Training Resources for School Teams, IEP Resources, How Teachers and Therapists Help with Medication, Data Samples for Med Monitoring, Family Support, Community and Recreational Activities.

Family Acceptance Project

Recorded August 25, 2021
Adrienne Coopey, MD
This didactic includes research-based, culturally grounded approach to help ethnically, racially and religiuosly diverse families to learn to support their LGBTQ Children.

End-of-life Care, Death and Grief from the Family Dog

Recorded August 11, 2021
Mary-Ann Bowman, PhD
This didactic includes lessons about end-of-life care, death and grief from the family dog.

Equine Therapy

Recorded July 14, 2021
Abigail Hornik
This didactic includes discussion about Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL) and Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), What is EFL and EFP, How Does it Work, Why Horses?, Horses and EFP, Benefits of EFP and EFL, Who Can Benefit, Integrating EFP/EFL with Different Modalities, EquiPower: Treating Trauma with the Power of and Sensitivity of Horses, Chinook Horses Program: Meet and Greet, The Goal Ladder, Grooming, Identifying Zones Feelings, Cognitive Triangle Activity, Painting, The Obstacle Course, Research and Data.

Suicide Safe Care for Patients-Part 2

Recorded June 23, 2021
Karl Rosston, LCSW, Suicide Prevention Coordinator-MT DPHHS
This didactic includes discussion about SAFE-T Protocol with C-SSRS, Safety Planning and Telephone Follow-up,Identify Risk Factors, Identify Protective Factors, Specific Questioning about Thoughts, Plans and Suicide Intent, Guidelines to Determine Level of Risk and Develop Interventions to LOWER Risk Level, Document Level of Risk, Rationale for Risk Assignment, Intervention and Structured Follow Up Plan.

Suicide Safe Care for Patients-Part 1

Recorded June 9, 2021
Karl Rosston, LCSW, Suicide Prevention Coordinator-MT DPHHS
This didactic includes discussion about Suicide in Montana, Suicide and Primary Care, Key Things to Remember in Assessing the Degree of Risk, Patient Safety and Error Reduction, Zero Suicide, ASQ Screening, Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale, Safety Planning Intervention, Overview of Safety Planning: 6 Steps, Lethal Means Counseling, Caring Contacts Intervention, Depression is Treatable Suicide is Preventable

Human Trafficking

Recorded May 26, 2021
Penny Ronning, MBA –Co-founder/Co-Chair Yellowstone County Area Human Trafficking Task Force
This didactic includes discussion about Human Trafficking Myths, Defining Human Trafficking, The A-M-P Model, Types of Human Trafficking in the United States, Defining a Commercial Sex Act, Human Trafficking Revenue, Humans as Commodities, Who is Trafficked, Safe Harbor, Who is Vulnerable to Becoming a Victim of Human Trafficking, Why is Montana Vulnerable to Human Trafficking, Vulnerabilities in our Communities, MMIWG, Cases, How are Victims Targeted?, Recruitment into Trafficking, How are Victims Controlled?, Why Don't Victims Leave, Mindset of Patients, Red Flags, Questions to Ask a Potential Victim, Responding to "Yes", Consider Danger, What is Reportable?, Polaris Human Trafficking Hotline, Rural Areas and Small Cities, Lack of Belief by Adults, Accessing Medical Care, Signs of Trafficking, RESCUE/CHILD, Social Media, Child Sexual Abuse Material, Statistics in Montana, Illicit Massage Businesses, Assessment Tool and Reporting Protocol, Changing the Paradigm, Male Violence, Who Are the Buyers, Task Force.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Co-morbidities and Medication Treatment Strategies

Recorded May 12, 2021
Nevada Reed MD Child Neurologist
This didactic includes discussion about Autism Spectrum Disorders Common Co-morbidities, Seizures, Aggression in Seizures, Eses and Landau Klefner Syndrome, Anti-Epileptic Side Effects, What Else Can Medication Treat in ASD?, The "Why" of Medication, Before Medication is Started, General Principles of Medication Use, Atypical Antipsychotics, Antipsychotics in Children with Autism, SSRI's, Stimulant Medications, Non-Stimulant Medications, Sleep Difficulties, TIC Disorders, Future Possibilities.

THC Series - Part 2

Recorded April 28, 2021
Mariela Herrera

Behavioral Health Advocacy 101

Recorded April 14, 2021
Jeffry Folsom, LCSW, JD
This didactic includes discussion about Center for Children Families and Workforce Development, Advocacy Definitions, Self, Individual, and System Advocacy, Family Voice Curious, Scarcity Versus Abundance, Being A Good Advocate, Types of Policy Changes.

Screening and Managing Suicide Risk in Medical Settings: Adapting Research into Practice

Recorded March 24, 2021
Lisa Horowitz, PhD, MPH
This didactic includes discussion about Epidemiology of Suicide, Medical Setting, Development and Study of a Validated Suicide Risk Screening Instrument- ASQ, How to Screen Patients with the ASQ Screening Instrument, Managing Patients that Screen Positive.

Prenatal Drug Exposure and the Developing Child

Recorded March 10, 2021
Ryan Tolleson Knee, PhD
This didactic includes discussion about Research and Messaging, Care Systems, Cognition, Sensory, Behavioral, Memory, Distractable, Generalizability, Prevent Behavioral Problems-Environmental Mismatch, Shifting Perceptions, Team Approach, Behaviors, Cognitive and Sensory Support and the Future.

COVID and Grief

Recorded February 24, 2021
Mary-Ann Bowman, PhD, LCSW
This didactic includes discussion about Pandemic Life, Change=Loss, Human Connection, Pandemic Losses, Grief, Experiences & Expressions of Grief, What is Griefworthy, Coping Resources, How to Cope, How to Help, In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Diagnosis and Medical Evaluation

Recorded February 10, 2021
Nevada Reed, MD
This didactic includes discussion about ASD & DSM-V, How is it Different, Social Communication and Social Interaction Criteria, Levels of Support, How is IDEA Different, Social Communication Disorder, Components of Evaluation, ASD Diagnostic Tools, Medical Testing for Every Child with ASD, Targeted Medical Testing to Consider, Genetic Disorders Associated with ASD.

ACEs Connection - what, how, why of this social platform to expand ACEs science and resiliency work

Recorded January 27, 2021
Karen Clemmer, MN, RN, PHN
This didactic includes discussion and demonstration of the ACEs Connection website. Karen Clemmer, MN, RN, PHN navigates through the ACEs Connection website highlighting important and valuable resources. ACEs Connection is not just a place to find resources but rather a community coming together to share best practices based on ACEs science. Supporting communities to accelerate the use of ACEs science to solve the most intractable problems. ACEs science includes Epidemiology, Impact on the Brain, Impact on the Body, Epigenetics and Resilience.

THC Series - Part 1

Recorded January 13, 2021
Mariela Herrera, MD
This didactic includes discussion about Cannabis Sativa, Hemp, The Endocannabinoid System, Cannabidiol, General Cannabinoid Pharmacology, CNS Pharmacology, GI Pharmacology, Liver Pharmacology, Cardiovascular System, Other Risks/Unknowns, History, Evidence for Approved Indications, Marijuana Legalization Leads to More Problematic Use, Marketing.

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