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The State of Montana received a federal HRSA grant in September 2018 to expand access to pediatric psychiatry. The Montana Access to Pediatric Psychiatry Network (MAPP-Net) grant strives to support primary care providers in serving children and youth in their communities with mental healthcare needs through education and consultation. Two activities help us meet this goal: Project ECHO and the toll-free Access Line. The sub-topic in this sub-topic include:

Billings Clinic Project ECHO

Project ECHO is a hub-and-spoke model out of the University of New Mexico. Billings Clinic is the contracted “hub” for this program and began Project ECHO Pediatric Mental Health sessions in March 2019. An expert hub team consisting of a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Pharmacist, Psychotherapist, and Resource Specialist meet twice per month with primary care providers across the state utilizing the online platform Zoom. A member of the hub team delivers a 15-20 minute didactic. Then, participants can present de-identified cases to review. The hub panel and spoke sites offer feedback and suggestions on the presented cases. This collaboration among peers helps to support the presenter’s care for their pediatric patients with mental health care needs and provides an opportunity for increased knowledge for everyone listening.
Learn more about Project ECHO at Billings Clinic and access recordings of past sessions on the Portal. The page also has more information for primary care and behavioral health providers/clinicians/teams wishing to participate in Billings Clinic Project ECHO website. There is no cost to participate.

Toll-Free Access Line: 1-844-922-MAPP (6277)

A toll-free Access Line for primary care providers to call and consult with a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Monday – Friday, 8:30-4:30 opened December 2, 2019. The toll-free access line number is 1-844-922-MAPP (6277). Billings Clinic is contracted with the state to staff this phone line, so consultations are with Montana-based Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. This is a provider-to-provider call, and patients do not participate. There is no cost for primary care providers to participate in this service.


The intent of the Access Line is to provide peer-to-peer support to Primary Care Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (NPs and PAs) when questions arise regarding best care for children and adolescents with mental health concerns. To accomplish this, the MAPP-Net Access Line provides access to telephone consultation from Monday – Friday, 8:30-4:30, excluding holidays and other posted non-service days.
To prevent misunderstandings:
  1. By accessing the MAPP-Access Line, you automatically become enrolled in this free service.
  2. When the Primary Care Provider or Advanced Practice Provider phones the toll-free number, a Call Center Operator will ask questions to capture some baseline data, determine the general nature of the concern and to verify the best call-back number. This information will be passed on to the Psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist will place a return call to initiate the consultation and it is our goal to return each call within 30 minutes.
  3. The peer-to-peer support provided by the MAPP-Net Access Line is educational and supportive in nature. The Psychiatrist will not request identifying information about the child and may respond to your questions with “in cases such as these” or “best practice suggests…” This is not to be evasive, but our Psychiatrist has not evaluated this patient and is not providing patient care. The Psychiatrist may also direct the originator to the Mental Health Directory or to other helpful resources listed on the Montana Access to Pediatric Psychiatry Network website.
  4. The MAPP-Net Access Line is not designed for emergency referrals, ongoing treatment or management of a patient already under the care of a Billings Clinic Psychiatrist. In those cases, the consultation will cease, and a referral will be made to the appropriate medical provider or on-call emergency physician.
  5. At the completion of the call, a brief summary will be sent to the referring Primary Care Provider or Advanced Practice Provider. The summary may contain a link to an optional satisfaction survey. There will be no further written communication and there will be no treatment note in the Electronic Medical Record for this peer-to-peer education and support consultation.
For questions about utilizing the Access Line, please contact Kim Hart (see contact information below).


  • Kim Hart, MAPP-Net Program Coordinator, Billings Clinic, 406-435-4556,
    • Project ECHO at Billings Clinic
    • Toll-Free Access Line: 1-844-922-MAPP (6277)
  • Miranda LeMieux, MAPP-Net Project, Children's Special Health Services at DPHHS, 406-444-7077,
    • Outreach/Site Visits
    • General Information


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